Customer Satisfaction Consultant

Satisfied customers are a powerful way to make your financial institution stand out ― in a good way.

A customer satisfaction consultant can help you differentiate your bank or credit union through better service, rather than incentives. By creating a service culture, you can strengthen your reputation, build trust, and improve customer retention.

Discover what a customer satisfaction consultant can do for your business.

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Improving customer satisfaction for banks, credit unions and investment firms

Rob George, senior consultant for Rob George & Associates, brings a unique background to the financial services industry. Rob managed customer loyalty efforts for the New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves – two teams known for their exceptional service and fan satisfaction. He also spent 11 years with The Ritz Carlton. While there, he founded The Ritz Carlton Leadership Institute, training companies on reputation building and best-in-class service.

Today, Rob partners with banks, credit unions, investment firms and community banks. He is both a keynote speaker and a consultant, offering services such as customer satisfaction evaluations, action planning, process building, measurement and training.

The need for better service and stronger relationships

Generally, the banks, credit unions and financial institutions that invest in a customer satisfaction consultant have great vision and ambition. They want to delight customers, cultivate a customer satisfaction mindset, and differentiate their business. They recognize they need to take action because:

  • Investors are becoming increasingly focused on relationships and trust. Investors are more likely to do business with people they trust and like. Savvy financial organizations recognize that providing better service and better managing relationships helps them build customer loyalty and greater profits.
  • Incentives to join a bank or credit union are changing. Rather than competing on rates and free perks, some financial organizations are delivering exceptional service as a means to attract new customers and improve customer retention.
  • Competition is fierce. Banks, credit unions and other financial companies need to stand out and differentiate themselves from a crowded field. Delighting customers with exceptional service is a powerful competitive advantage. Luxury sells.
  • Their employees don’t always “get it.” Exceptional service needs to be built into a culture. To ensure that every employee can deliver the best service, it may require training or other solutions.

Share your needs with a customer satisfaction consultant

To discuss how a consultant may be able to help you improve customer loyalty, please contact Rob George at (860) 216-0014 or by email.