Improving Patient Experiences

If you’re thinking about improving patient experiences or solving patient complaints in your healthcare organization, we’ve got wonderful news. Service excellence not only feels good, but it can translate into long-term results for your hospital or clinic – from increased patient loyalty to a stronger reputation.

Find out whether a patient experience specialist can help you achieve new levels of service excellence.

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Solutions for healthcare organizations

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations turn to Rob George & Associates for a variety of services, including:

  • Evaluating patient satisfaction issues and sharing recommendations on how to improve patient experiences.
  • Collaborating with key stakeholders on service solutions, from patients and their families to senior management and nurses.
  • Developing consistent customer service processes.
  • Providing training to nurses, caregivers and other staff members.

The superstars: Making a run for the Baldrige Award

Our clients tend to fall in two groups. The first group of hospitals, clinics and healthcare networks we partner with consists of superstars. They are leaders in providing exceptional patient experiences. They’ve focused a lot of energy on improving their quality and service. They may even be in the running for national quality awards, such as the Baldrige Award.

They like working with an outside specialist who can give them objective feedback and innovative ideas. With this extra boost, they can fine tune their patient experiences and improve their opportunities for recognition and growth.

The climbers: Solving patient complaints and improving satisfaction

Some hospitals, clinics and healthcare networks that we work with have great aspirations, but they also have immediate challenges. For example, they may need to:

  • Turn around declining patient counts, the pinch of tightening purse strings, or the effects of negative press. They know they need to focus on improving patient experiences and patient loyalty to achieve their financial goals.
  • Build a positive reputation in the local community. They want their organization to be recognized as a quality provider of comfort, safety, compassion, or a stress-free experience.
  • Work smarter, not harder. They can see opportunities to improve the patient experience (including fixing patient dissatisfaction), but their internal resources are limited. They could use an objective specialist to guide them.

Contact Rob George & Associates to discuss your patient experience

Rob George brings a wealth of experience to the healthcare industry. He spent much of his career at The Ritz Carlton ― an organization synonymous with service excellence. While there, he created The Ritz Carlton Leadership Center, providing guidance on service and quality for more than 50 hotels and 500 private and public companies.

To discuss how you can improve your patients’ experiences, please contact Rob at (860) 216-0014 or by email .