Legendary Customer Experience

For a hospitality business, delivering a legendary customer experience can be critical for developing repeat customers – or better yet, a customer for life.

Whether you’re running hotels, spas, restaurants, or casinos, a legendary guest experience can set you apart from your competition.

Explore whether a guest experience expert can help you deliver superior service and build regular customers for life.

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Why build an excellent guest experience...

When it comes to choosing hotels, restaurants, vacation resorts and other hospitality companies, customers have a lot of choices. The question is, why should guests choose you? What makes them want to come back as repeat customers? And how can you create a legendary experience that wins their hearts, minds and loyalty?

If you’re looking for practical answers to these questions, Rob George & Associates may be a good fit for your needs.

Organizations interested in creating legendary service

Generally, we partner with two types of hospitality organizations.

The first group includes businesses that want to be the best in their niche – and sometimes, the whole industry. They’re focused on building a superior guest experience, winning service awards, creating legendary customer loyalty, and raising the bar for what’s expected from five star service. They welcome outside input because they know it makes them the best.

As for the second group, these hotels, casinos, amusement parks and restaurants have big dreams, but they also face some challenges. For example, they may be:

  • Losing repeat customers and money. They know something in their guest experience isn’t working, but they’re not sure what the problem is or how to fix it.
  • Stuck competing on price. They haven’t found a meaningful way to differentiate their hospitality business from their competitors, such as through superior service.
  • Getting negative word-of-mouth due to an inconsistent experience. While a few of their employees are delivering a legendary customer experience, many are not providing excellent service on a consistent basis.

The bottom line? Customers don’t feel a lot of loyalty, and guest counts are flat or dropping. They need a customer experience expert who can help them get on track.

Services for hospitality businesses

Rob George, founder of Rob George & Associates, brings extensive hospitality experience to his work with clients. He spent 11 years with The Ritz Carlton. During his time there, he created The Ritz Carlton Leadership Institute, coaching restaurants, casinos, luxury apartment companies and other companies on how to consistently deliver legendary, five star service.

Today, Rob provides a range of services to hospitality organizations, including keynote speaking, benchmarking, loyalty program development and measurement.

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