Memorable Fan Experiences

Creating memorable fan experiences can score you some points with your sports fans – not to mention, their discretionary dollars.

When you consistently deliver great sports entertainment, you can increase fan loyalty and fill seats with fanatical fans. (And really, why settle for an average fan when you can have a fanatical fan?)

Learn whether a fan loyalty expert can help you achieve results.

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Helping sports teams increase fan loyalty

Rob George & Associates provides keynote speaking, fan experience assessment, and loyalty building strategies for professional sports teams and college athletic departments. We tend to appeal to sports organizations with programs in football, basketball, golf, tennis, hockey, soccer, motor sports, or college baseball.

Generally, our sports clients fall into one of two groups…

#1: Teams building the ultimate advantage

Some teams that contact us already have high fan loyalty. In fact, they excel at creating memorable fan experiences. But they’re always looking for fresh, new ways to create lasting memories for their ticket holders and further increase fan loyalty and energy. They like to partner with outside experts because it’s a competitive advantage.

#2: Teams that want to sell more tickets and fill more seats

Other teams have big goals for ticket sales, they also face business challenges. For example, they may want to:

  • Increase the renewal of season tickets ― without having to reduce prices. Often times, they want to learn how to convert their casual, one-off ticket buyers into fanatical, season ticket holders.
  • Create a sense of luxury and quality. They need to stand out from other sports teams and venues. They also want a viable reason to raise ticket prices.
  • Build greater interest and loyalty in a venue. They want fans to attend multiple events ― from games to concerts.
  • Strengthen the prestige and image of a college. A strong image can increase the likelihood of financial gifts and donations.
  • Better tap into school loyalty. They know they have many college graduates whom they could convert into alumni ticket holders.

Rob George brings rich experience to every sports project. Prior to founding Rob George & Associates, Rob created memorable fan experiences for the New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves – two teams known for their exceptional fan loyalty and sports entertainment. Before that, Rob spent 11 years with The Ritz Carlton, creating and overseeing their Leadership Center.

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